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Attractions Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara Parks

Shoreline Park - Located in the Mesa area overlooking Santa Barbara Harbor, Shoreline Park is also a great place to watch the surfers at Ledbetter Beach. Also located at Shoreline Park is a playground for kids as well picnic and barbecue areas and a Japanese garden honoring a sister city. 

A walking path spans the length of the park atop the bluffs providing great ocean and island views as well as views of Santa Barbara Harbor. Steps built into the bluffs lead down to the beach where there are interesting tidepools to explore at low tide. Shoreline Park is located along Shoreline Drive at La Marina, and is open from sunrise until 10 pm.

De La Guerra Park - Located right near the thriving hub of State Street and downtown Santa Barbara, De La Guerra Park features a nice plaza area as well as some park benches. Several annual celebrations are held here which is also the site of Santa Barbara City Hall. De La Guerra Park is open from sunrise to 10 pm.

Stow Grove Park

This lovely park in Goleta features mature oak trees as well as eucalyptus, redwoods, and sycamores. Stow Grove Park also has a playground for kids as well as horseshoe pits, volleyball courts, and a baseball diamond. The park is located at 580 La Patera Lane in Goleta.

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Oak Park - Located in the Mission Creek area, Oak Park is one of Santa Barbara’s favorite picnic spots and the site of several annual festivals. The park features an eighteen-inch wading pool for little children and horseshoe pits for the adults. 

Santa Barbara’s Oak Park is graced with mature sycamore trees and oak trees which provide plenty of shade. Recreational facilities at the park include a wooden stage, playgrounds, and tennis courts. 

Oak Park is located at 300 West Alamar Avenue and is open from sunrise to 10 pm.

Douglas Family Preserve - Dogs can run free without a leash at this undeveloped park along Santa Barbara’s scenic ocean bluffs. There are no restrooms or other facilities. The park was made possible by a donation from Michael Douglas who named it after Kirk Douglas. The Douglas Family Preserve is located on the Mesa at the end of Linda Street.

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Ortega Park - The four-foot-deep swimming pool, lifeguard, and playground make this a great park for kids and families. The park also has basketball courts and a softball field. Picnic facilities include barbecue pits. Ortega Park is located at 640 Salispuedes St.

Alameda Park - The highlight of this downtown Santa Barbara park is the 8,000-square-foot kids playground called Kids’ World with all kinds of fun structures and activities for kids including slides, a castle, and swings. 

Located at 1400 Santa Barbara Street, Alameda Park is one of the oldest parks in Santa Barbara and a great family park. Alameda Park also has lots of rare tree species as well as a charming gazebo. The park is open from sunrise to 10 pm. Nearby is Alice Keck Park Memorial Garden

Tuckers Grove Park / San Antonio Canyon Park - This lovely park at the base of the mountains along Cathedral Oaks Road has ample picnic facilities, lots of parking, and plenty of room for relaxing in the shade of oaks or on the comfortable grass lawns.

From Tuckers Grove you can take a hike up San Antonio Creek or enjoy the horseshoe pits, volleyball courts, or children’s playgrounds. Tuckers Grove / San Antonio Canyon Park is located at 805 San Antonio Creek Road where Turnpike Road meets Cathedral Oaks Road.

Orpet Park - Located on the Santa Barbara Riviera, Orpet Park provides great views of the city. This is a relatively small park but it is nice for bird watching and there are plenty of interesting trees and plants including some exotic species. Orpet Park is located at the corner of Moreno Road and Alameda Padre Serra.

Parma Park - This large park in the Santa Barbara foothills is a favorite of avid hikers as well as bikers and people walking their dogs. This a a great place to get away from it all and experience the serenity of the mountains including sage and oak trees. Some picnic tables are provided but there are no other facilities. 

To get to Parma Park take Mission Street to Laguna where you turn left and then right on Los Olivos. Go left at the fork in the road and follow it to the end, then go right on Route 192 to the park.

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Skofield Park - Featuring expansive meadows and great hiking trails, Skofield Park also has lots of mature trees providing plenty of shady areas. Camping areas within Skofield Park may be reserved by non-profit groups.

Skofield Park also has picnic facilities including barbecue areas. Nearby is the popular Rattlesnake Trail as well as Santa Barbara Botanical Gardens. Skofield Park is located at 1819 Los Canoas Rd. and is open from sunrise until one half-hour after sunset.

Mission Rose Garden - Located right next to the Santa Barbara Mission, the Mission Rose Garden is one of Santa Barbara’s most charming locations. More than one thousand varieties of roses are found in the garden amidst a fountain and the sprawling grass lawns in front of the Mission amidst mountain and town views and the surrounding homes which exhibit Spanish Colonial architecture. There are no facilities at this park which is located at the intersection of Laguna Street and Los Olivos Street.

Chase Palm Park - This busy park along East Cabrillo Blvd near East beach features a playground for kids, music pavilions, and a carousel. There is commonly picnics going on as well as sporting events, and there is a great path for biking and rollerblading, as well as a skateboard park. Chase Palm Park is located on both sides of Cabrillo Blvd.

Santa Barbara Attractions

Lake Los Carneros Park - This historic park is the site of the Southcoast Railroad Museum as well as the historic 1873 Stow House. You can also take a walk around a lake that covers 25 acres and also learn about the history of the area. Lake Los Carneros Park is located at the corner of Calle Real and Los Carneros Road.

Elings Park - This 230-acre park includes picnic tables, barbecue facilities, restrooms, trails for hiking and running, playgrounds, and three fields which may be lit at night. There are great views of Santa Barbara and the ocean beyond. Elings Park is located at 1298 Las Positas Road.

Rocky Nook Park - Running right through this park is Mission Creek which is fun for exploring. There are also lots of trees to provide shady areas. Rocky Nook Park encompasses about nineteen acres and is a favorite Santa Barbara park for bird watchers. Kids also love the playground area. Rocky Nook Park is located at 610 Mission Canyon Road.

Franceschi Park - Enjoy great views of the town and the Santa Barbara coast at this 18-acre park which is at the location of the Franceschi mansion. With some scenic overviews and walking paths you can enjoy a relaxing sojourn and appreciate the exotic plant collection. There are also picnic tables. The park was named after Francesco Franceschi, an Italian horticulturist. The park facilities include restrooms and picnic tables. Franceschi Park is located at 1510 Mission Ridge Road. 

Alice Keck Park Memorial Garden - This lovely downtown park includes a gazebo and a nicely landscaped pond that is stocked with turtles as well as coy. The lawn area is a great place for a picnic, and a walkway  takes you by planting beds that feature low-water species. Alice Keck Park is located at the corner of Arrellaga and Santa Barbara Streets. Nearby is Alameda Park with a great kid’s playground.

Plaza Del Mar Park - Located on the waterfront near Santa Barbara’s downtown area, Plaza del Mar Park features a performing arts shell as well as plenty of nice trees that provide shady areas. Across the street from the park is the Los Banos Pool.

Plaza del Mar Park is one of Santa Barbara’s oldest parks, and is also used by nearby Santa Barbara City College for some of their sports programs. Plaza del Mar Park is located at 23 Castillo Street and is open from sunrise to 10 pm.

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